MailInspector Email Gateway

Eliminate threats and unwanted emails from your company with the corporate email filtering solution used by thousands of companies across Latin America.

Emails free of threats and spam


The HSC MailInspector is a powerful and robust Gateway Email solution. It is capable of eliminating more than 99% of the unwanted and malicious emails from your company. Protects users from spam and threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). It also preserves important messages with a 99.9% assertiveness index against false positives.

Each email filtered by Mailinspector passes through 28 layers of protection, ranging from the connection layer to the most detailed content and compliance filters. All of this combined with powerful real-time protection technologies like Machine Learning and Behavior Analysis.

How it works


The email is received

MailInspector intercepts the messages before they get to the mail server so it can analyse them through its protection engines. The same way, it filters emails sent out of your domain, applying compliance rules.

28 layers of protection

When someone sends an email to a domain protected by MailInspector, it goes through 28 layers of filtering that analyze it from the connection layer to the message content on the search for possible threats.

Smart Defender Cloud

Mail Inspector sends IP adresses, URLs and attachments to Smart Defender analysis in a separate cloud. Where it simulates users actions and block possible threats in real time.

Threat Analysis

Our global cloud queries the reputation of URLs, IPs, and files. Users' actions are simulated through a web crawler, and messages content are evaluated through behavior analysis, machine learning and sandbox technologies.

MailInspector protects your company against:

Advanced Persistent Threats

These attacks focus on email end user and exploit social engineering vulnerabilities to obtain sensitive information from their recipients. Companies that suffer this type of attack are victims of data hijacking and extortion (ransomware).


Cybercriminals create fake websites that capture data without users noticing that they are not in a secure environment. They forge electronic communication to deceive users, usually using banking or email interfaces.

Viruses and Malwares

Malware are programs or pieces of malicious code destined to infiltrate unrelated computer systems. A common practice of hackers is to persuade users to click on fake emails to download programs.


Collaborative Learning System

We have created a Collaborative System for Detecting Targeted Attacks. URLs received by MailInspector are rewritten, and when a user clicks a link in an email, it is directed to an internal page of the platform while the URL is processed by Smart Defender in a protected sandbox cloud.

On this page the user can view the result of this analysis, a preview of the landing page and even report a possible threat to the network administrator.


URL Sandbox and Files

HSC MailInspector has an exclusive sandbox module for malicious files and URLs. All suspicious files and URLs that pass through MailInspector’s 28 layers of protection and still have no signature in our databases are sent for analysis on the HSC SmartDefender engine.

Thereafter, the artifact is run in a protected and isolated sandbox, where the actual intent of the file is verified, looking out for various types of attacks and threats.

Likewise, our web crawler opens the URLs received by SmartDefender and follows its whole path, mapping the entire site, its links and forms. This way, it can sort a URL and avoid fake links and threats.


Email Encryption

As an added level of protection, MailInspector has an encryption module, which allows an important message to a recipient not to leave the organization, preventing it from being intercepted, copied or viewed by third parties.



Your company’s important messages stay with your business. In addition to a powerful corporate antispam filter, HSC MailInspector is able to filter out all messages leaving an organization, allowing for audit policies and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Smart Defender

Smart Defender is a powerful threat detection engine developed by HSC. It runs in our cloud and fights ransomwares. It uses behavior analysis technology to simulate users’ possible actions when opening files or clicking on links received by email. This way, Smart Defender opens files and tests web pages, acting as a sandbox from our cloud and detecting security risks before they reach our customers’ network.

Even before any sample is processed by Smart Defender, a consultation to our global knowledge base is run to check reputation of senders IP addresses, URLs, and attachments. This database is globally connected so that all customers will be protected from a new threat in less than 60 seconds. This is possible because it's connected to sensors spread around the world and to the powerful engine of our partner F-Secure – one of the most respected and efficient mail security provider.

When the user clicks on a URL, it is sent to Smart Defender and the user is directed to an internal page for the same link. In this screen, the user can preview a page and report a false positive or possible fraud.

In addition to URL reputation, Smart Defender runs a sample of files attached to emails in a controlled sandbox on our cloud. This way it is possible to identify zero-hour threats even before there is a reputation or signature.



Increase user productivity with anti-spam protection that reduces 99% time spent with unwanted messages;

Low risks

Reduce risks associated with emails that contain phishing attacks, malware, viruses and targeted attacks;

User education

Allow users to learn about threats, enabling them to manage their own quarantine, whitelist and personal blacklist;

Low cost

Reduce costs of managing the environment through an intuitive, easy-to-operate interface with a lower learning curve;


Integrate it with leading email platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office365, GSuite, Zimbra, and others.

Easy to manage

Unified view that allows the administration of different appliances through one single user friendly interface.

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“The implementation of this security management tool gives GNIT better management and custody of corporate information related to the use of our corporate e-mail.”

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