Secure Web Gateway ISS

Control the internet browsing traffic that passes through your company network. Avoid improper and unproductive abuses and site blocking.

Protect your business while increasing the productivity of your team


The HSC Internet Security Suite is a Secure Web Gateway that acts as a Network Proxy, filtering the organization’s internet traffic. It allows the network administrator to deploy an effective internet usage policy in your organization, based on a database with more than 70 Million URLs and Applications, organized in more than 150 categories. In addition to meeting forensic and legal demands, such as the Brazilian Civil Registry.

How it works


Verify every access

HSC ISS has a database with more than 70 million URLs and data that identifies the site's profile and categorizes them by subject.

Blocking inappropriate sites and threats

You can control access to sites with viruses, inappropriate content, or unproductive activity such as social networks, chats, and other web applications.

Control by time

Control the access to sites and applications by time of day, consumption, access time, category or usage quota.

YouTube Integration

Youtube access control by video category, channel, video size or subject. It also boosts browsing speed through Dynamic Streaming Cache technology.

Control the access to inappropriate content

Viruses and Virtual threats

The combination of our Machine Learning and Behavior Analysis technologies is able to identify URLs with potential threats in real time before it is even registered in our database. What guarantees greater protection and security even against targeted attacks.

Erotic Content

Even in companies with incredible organizational cultures, abuse always occurs. You have to protect your company from inappropriate behavior and keep track of all users in order to avoid embarrassment and legal problems for the company.

Unproductive Sites

It is not as easy to identify a website as unproductive, since many also have quality content and help you carry out business activities. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and control access in a flexible and adaptable way, appropriate to the reality of each company.


Avoid distractions

HSC Internet Security Suite (ISS) allows the network administrator to block, permanently or temporarily, the access to sites that reduce employee productivity. YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp are some examples of sites and social media that can be blocked.

However, depending on the company culture, blocking access may not be the best choice. That’s why ISS allows you to block only certain categories of videos. You can also control access to a specific area. This allows more flexibility for managing access policies.


Access reports per employee

In addition to being a Secure Web Gateway, HSC ISS has more than 50 types of reports that can be automatically generated and sent by email. This helps companies implement a productivity policy and educate their users.

With the detailed reports it is also possible to have, in moments, both navigation information of your network and the average time spent by professional in unproductive activities, in addition to the complete web access profile of every collaborator.


Economy and band control

With or without access control to certain websites, one action that all businesses must do is to optimize the use of the Internet. Because it’s a resource that is of extreme importance for all the activities of the company.

With ISS you can cache content that are being accessed in your networks. Imagine a video that is being watched by many employees of your company and, with each access, it is downloaded again. HSC ISS accelerates navigation and saves internet bandwidth even for dynamic content such as YouTube, Video, news portals, or any other way. 


Restrictions by category and Usage Quotas

HSC ISS allows the restriction of content by groups of people or even individualy. In addition, it allows to restrict access by categories of sites such as humor, games, news, banks etc..

Another important feature is the creation of quotas by time or time of day that allows the user to visualize their use of the internet for certain sites or categories of sites and thus manage their own time and productivity.

Smart Defender

SmartDefender has more than 70 million URLs cataloged in more than 150 categories in its global database. This database is updated automatically every time a news address is accessed by any user in the world, as it is anonymously reported to the HSC cloud that will automatically execute this URL in our cloud.

The URL goes through our Web Crawler robot and every part of its content is scanned for threats or viruses. It also catalogs its subject, moving it to one of 150 categories through a self-categorization mechanism.

This module also has a powerful real-time reputation and threat detection mechanism capable of blocking viruses, malicious web applications, phishing sites, among other threats. This security module relies on the proprietary technology of HSC and F-Secure's.


Protection against viruses, trojans and malware

One in every fourteen downloads has malicious code. Companies must control their employees’ accesses in some way in order to not avoid data security risks.

Detailed reports

Consolidated information about access records that allows the company and the employee to control their own productivity. Granularity of general and individual information.

HTTPS Encryption

Just like security tools, threats have also evolved. Our technology even controls encrypted https content securely, ensuring user privacy.

Anywhere Protection

Keep access policies even for mobile users by controlling them as if they were within your network while they are using enterprise devices.

Dynamic Cache

Caches dynamic content such as Youtube, Google Maps, Vimeo, among others, speeding up browsing and saving your company’s internet bandwidth.

Usage Quotas

Create usage quotas to avoid overflows and reduced productivity. Inform the employee individually and automatically when the quota is started and/or exceeded.

Our commercial options


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  • All functionalities
  • Unlimited time
  • Unlimited users
  • No SmartDefender access
  • Upgrades available
  • Portuguese documentation
  • Installation in up to 20 minutes
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  • Virtual Appliance
  • VMware, Xen and Hyper-V Compatible
  • Option: Bare Metal SW installation
  • Single management: branch / matrix
  • Reports from all units
  • Higher scalability
  • Pay by users in your network
  • High availability
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Specialized hardware

  • Optimized performance
  • Compatible with any environment
  • Migration to Virtual Appliance
  • Unified administration of appliances
  • Annual or monthly subscription
  • Cluster between multiple appliances
  • 24×7 Support
  • Deployment in just a few minutes
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